Friday, August 30, 2013


Hecate Demeter is the one who turned me on to poetry. I'd read it before, appreciated it, but never really absorbed it until she introduced me to David Whyte and Mary Oliver. (There have been others since, but these two poets are the ones who really get my attention.) I love, especially, when they read their own work. Reading the words written is one thing. To hear them is quite another. That's the thing with poetry though, isn't it? It's meant to be heard, words pouring over one's soul like honey. Listening to David Whyte recite not only his poems, but others' transports me to another place. The way he speaks, the timbre, the repeating of a stanza that demands attention is spellbinding. Mary Oliver speaks plainly in reciting her poems and this does something different ~ she creates a sense of Presence in her readings. In her readings I feel the objects she speaks of ~ the pine cone, the goose's feather. Simply, the best way is just to listen.

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