Tuesday, August 06, 2013

of nifty things and wolf-like fears

Let's get the fear factor out of the way, shall we? The Women Who Run With the Wolves book group is the first online group I've ever been involved in the creation of. Ever. I've had to jump some personal hurdles, mainly fur-lined with Trust ~ trust that it's safe to start a group, that the women joining are capable of understanding when they should get help beyond the scope of this book study group if needed, that it will be okay to make a few mistakes, that I'm not going to be slammed or berated. I am grateful to have had the group experience with women who have gone before me into the internet realm of group creation ~ Cat Caracelo and Effy Wild to name a couple. So I'd like to think I have a clue. Maybe. I am also grateful, again, to have Ariel, a woman residing quite a few states away from me, helping to navigate this new world. So, again, I'd like to think we have a good foundation to begin.

And then I'm actually reading the book, slightly ahead, scouting out the situation in creating soul-querying questions and possible art prompts . . . the reading is heavier than I took for granted. This isn't a cute wolf pup romp through the meadow. There are stories with teeth in WWRWtW. I am bumping up against some interesting parts of Self as a result. While I don't feel I'm the kind of person who will crumble in the midst of all these self-revelations, I've got my resources and tools, I suddenly become concerned for others. I return to that cozy den of Trust. It will be okay. To stop because there is undiscovered space within myself and others would deny us all a chance for wild freedom. Besides, I'm not alone. I'm in good company and we're all going on the journey. It is, after all, just a book.

In the realm of Nifty: Needing to write my daily meanderings in a spiral, I grabbed an old Lazy Susan to help with the turning of my too-large hand-bound journal. Once the entire tome is carefully folded back on itself (with a small cushion for the clay face attached to the front cover), I have an easier time writing in the round.

An old Lazy Susan originally used for condiments back in the day transformed into . . .

journal-turning equipment. Very pleased with myself.

The other nifty is getting a Mountain Laurel tree (found fallen) hung up in the studio . . .

Bringing Nature in, by golly!

Blogalong With Effy #1


Kathy English said...

I love the tree! Perfect for you.

Cara said...

Oh my goodness, I never would have thought to use a lazy susan for that! GENIUS!!!