Thursday, August 15, 2013

no, I haven't painted yet today

Instead, my day went a little like this . . .

1) woke up at the sensible hour of 7:30am (We are, at this juncture of the year, in a state of limbo as we near the dreaded impending school day schedules. Then, I wake up at 5:30am in order to meditate before the day begins.)

2) brewed a cup of PG Tips tea

3) wrote my Morning Pages

4) checked e-mails very briefly and responded to a few

5) discovered the carpet in the Great Room to be in pretty bad condition due to issues I will not get into, but that led to . . .

6) removing said carpet and cleaning the flooring beneath it

7) vacuuming as we were expecting a guest for dinner (If left undone for too long, Crystal sheds enough hair to clone another dog or two the size of Pomeranians. They are not dust bunnies, but dust buffaloes.)

8) a run to Home Depot ~ 'cause we can

9) to the local market for potatoes and corn

10) made potato salad (Bet you didn't see that coming.)

11) grilled ribs brought by visiting mother-in-law and ate

12) wrote stuff

13) made more tea

And now, the list of excuses should be quite done now and I'm going to paint.

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