Thursday, August 01, 2013


The Home altar holding our harvests and skills.
The First Harvest. What have you harvested? We gathered ease and comfort, gleaned creativity and ingenuity, held community and space. We've got some tomatoes and a couple of peppers, plenty of lettuce and herbs. At the backyard Oasis, we have reaped the rewards of easy afternoons and iced water with Lemon Balm. And if you're not feeling it today, perhaps you're more geared into the Archaeoastronomy of things. That's my preferred mode.

As it's raining here today, Bennie and I have been playing along a little further with our intuitive paintings. I rolled out some gesso and we each used a hydrangea leaf as stamps on our paintings. Bennie worked with some plastic wrap as a random stamp by placing a thick layer of acrylic and then smooshing the paint around with the crumpled wrap and stamping other places on the canvas. I'm eager to try that myself later after working more shop drawings.

Bennie's painting.

My painting.

Playing with fire.
Then we tried painting with fire inspired by this post. Instead of the candle as suggested, I used the long-stemmed candle lighter. What's important is letting the tip of the flame kiss the paper long enough to form the soot trail. Conflagration in the studio is not the desired goal. Unless it's the spark of creativity ~ then that's okay.

The sweet spot of the day.

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Cara said...

"Conflagration in the studio is not the desired goal." hahahahaha!

Rene said...

I'm in LOVE with your altar! Great blog!

ariel said...

Love the bottom pic with the hydrangea print. Great shading...pops off the page

Debbie said...

I'd never heard of painting with fire! Thanks for the intro. :)

Julia said...

Beautiful altar and your art work is wonderful.