Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I have been under the weather, out of commission, down with a cold the past week. Sitting and ruminating for too long had my brain hurting and my interest went no further than X-Files or It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Functionality has increased progressively, but I lost days on my blogalong.

In the meantime, along with Ariel and a host, nay, pack of other women, I've been reading through the first chapter of WWRWtW and mulling over responses to prompts. The Desert Life piques my interest ~ that living small Topside, but large and lush Underground. Things to share over there. Here, it might become an aimless ramble and rant.

Also, in the meantime, I've been spinning and weaving. Activities which have kept my mind off a runny nose and general malaise. Not much painting though. Bennie has been engaged in that activity working on her first oil painting. It's been a proud pleasure watching her progress on the Denver Daisies. Tonight will see me catching up on a fair amount of journal creativity (I made a tag using watercolor paper) trying out a bucket o' paint markers Laura gave us. It's the most excitement I've had all week.

Well . . . there was that trip to the dentist.

Saori moving along nicely.

A watercolor paper tag and a spool of brown sheep's wool.

Bennie's first oil painting completed.

A happy bucket o' colors from Laura!

Dental ruminations on the way to the Chair.

Blogalong With Effy #1


Raine said...

936Awesome post! I cracked up at "general malaise!" Hubby and I say that all the time! It's just SO appropriate sometimes.
I need to use that Dr. Seuss quote!
I hope you start feeling better soon.

Ariel Gill said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather, wolf friend. But you came up with an awesome post on WWRWW!. Be gentle and heal.

Anonymous said...

I love weaving! It tends to be one of those things that gets back-burnered though in light of all the other creative stuff happening around me. I'm enjoying the WWRWTW group a lot, even if I don't post often, I'm working the prompts and benefitting tremendously from the insights ;D
Feel better <3