Tuesday, July 30, 2013

yesterday's journey today

In the back yard, Bennie and I have created something we like to call the Oasis. It's comprised of a bench, a couple of chairs, two red beach umbrellas and a makeshift tile table. It's set up facing West and the garden, the world (okay, one dirt road) behind us. It's the perfect spot to cure the NDD (Nature Deficiency Disorder ~ it's real, people), get the toes in the grass and a little sun on the face. We bring our stuff out side ~ sketchbooks, novels, notebooks, house phone, cell phone (for those Instagram moments) and sometimes the camera. Yesterday was perfect weather for being out at the Oasis, thanks to the heat wave having passed.

First, we spent time sketching the flowers. I played with the coreopsis. I played with the word "coreopsis" in my mind while sketching Her flowers in Micron pen and watercolor pencil. The Maiden's time long since spent, Mother changing to Queen to Crone. All strange manner of Goddess-y stuff rambling around as I sketched. That turned to thoughts about the impending Lughnassadh/Lammas altar . . . antlers, harvest such as we can find . . . tend to that soon. For the moment, it was flowers.

We created the daily/near-daily medicine wheel for Instagram sharing. I practiced a session of asanas in the yard, under the trees, arms stretching to the sun in joy and gratitude. And then we spent time reading each of our respective books in relative peace and quiet. Ah, the Oasis!

So. Here we are, another day spent in the studio. The collage painting as prompted by Effy for this week's BOM was created. It was a liberating process letting it all happen on the page. Sometimes, I over think ~ which is why I bump up against struggle with the Brave Intuitive Painting thing. (And that probably occurs outside the studio as well, but that would be another story.) I seem to have a thing for Big Orange Halos ~ as in images of the actual fruit ~ not the color. But now I feel my feet desiring the kiss of the Earth and my hair wants to be combed by the breeze. Time to grab the Oasis bag and head out on another adventure, so to speak.

First, the gratuitous Cat Found In Strange Places photo.
World, Obiwan Kenobi. Obiwan, the World.
Now, get out of my purse!

My Kore-opsis flowers.

The medicine wheel du jour.

My journal page in Before mode . . .

and now in After.
Time to get out side.

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