Wednesday, July 24, 2013

what does it want to be when it grows up?

I do a lot of different things. I paint. I draw. I like doing Nothing. Walking in Nature is nice. Getting my hands on some fine wool has me spinning and then knitting in no time. I've been told a countless number of times my art could fetch some cash, but I haven't found that comfort zone yet. I don't know what my art is worth. My attitude about art I see for sale in the big world is, Well. I could do that. Why buy it? And so I figure it's what folks might think about any audacity I have about selling my art. Besides, I think they can do it too, so why shouldn't they? A price tag, that attitude does not make.

It's what today's paintings are bumping up against. That rawness of ~ What am I worth? What is this stuff I do worth? Who could possibly tell me?
Another CAPI Full Circle piece in progress.
The plan for the evening, whilst watching MasterChef, is to ink portions of this in with a Pitt Pen.
Finished piece at 11:00.

Day 3 of some brave intuitive . . .
It's feeling very adolescent and all over the place.

And this is today's sweet spot.


Ashling said...

What you create is unique; no one else could do what you do in the way YOU make it happen. As for the start with a formula to dip your toes in. Figure out your materials cost. Put a price on your time....then add at least 25% to that because you're going to underestimate yourself. Then see what happens. Adjust as you go. Market yourself, ask others to help you do that (I know you know people who would help you market yourself). Bring pieces to events attended by people who would understand the nature of what you do (off the top of my head, the Arlington Street Fair comes to mind). Create the mantra that your work is worthy of of being paid cash money for. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Heatheranne said...

I agree with Ashling. I'm always curious about different topics and have recently wondered the same thing as you. Check out the different shops, like Etsy and see if there is any information on them that will answer your questions, is my suggestion. Above all, I think you should have fun with what you do and do what's fun to you. Have a great day. :-)

Patricia said...

I love this.... I also agree with Ashling, especially about believing in the worth of your work and feeling GOOD about accepting money for it.