Sunday, July 28, 2013

rainy woodsy ramble

Seeing my cousin's Instagram posts from Across the Pond, got me out on a walk this morning. This was a walk with a purpose and destination. See, yesterday, while Dirk, Bennie and I were bobbing in the lake (I'm a bobber, not a swimmer), we saw a Great Blue Heron perched across the lake. It had been perched there a good long time, preening and roosting, mostly preening. So I knew there would be feathers to be found the next day. Over my Artist's altar, is my Feather Medicine Shield, which is, in essence, a collection of feathers found over the years. There are a great many that have meaning to me as well as those found in totem reference books like Ted Andrews' favorite AnimalSpeak. Tucked into the entire crocheted surface of the shield are hawk, owl, condor, blue jay, goose, turkey, rooster (of course) and others that don't come to mind readily at the moment. I figured Great Blue Heron feather would be a fine addition to the shield.

Artist's Altar with Feather
Medicine Shield
After a hearty breakfast of BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) on bagels, we three (Dirk, Bennie and I ~ Tom is visiting, Ian wouldn't dream of leaving his Man Cave at the ungodly hour of 11:00am) suited up and headed out with the dogs. I don't like to walk the dam these days. It was fine when I was younger, but vertigo seems to have hit me at 49, so I take the low way behind the dam. Dogs loose and running, Dirk and Bennie on the dam, I walked through the dry overflow minding each step. A perfect gray day for walking. Not too sunny, not too hot, we made our way to the heron's perch, rambling and admiring the views and trees and moss.

At the perch, we found what I came for ~ three feathers, two down and one wing in steely blue-gray. Great additions to the shield.

Here's what Ted Andrews has to say about Heron ~

" . . . When it feeds, it stands in the water, reflecting a connection to the earth ~ while implying the exploration of other dimensions on the earth (water element). It is important for anyone with a heron totem to explore various activities and dimensions of earth life. On the surface, this may seem a form of dabbling, but those with heron totems are wonderfully successful at being the traditional "jack of all trades."

This ability enables them to follow their own path. Most people will never be able to live the way heron people do. It is not a structured way, and does not seem to have a stability and security to it. It is, though, just a matter of perspective. There is security in heron medicine, for it gives the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way doesn't work, then another will. This, heron people seem to inherently know."

I've been courting Great Blue Heron all summer. Looking for hir at the pond when we drive by, scanning the western and northern shore as we bob or catching sight of hir flying overhead on the way to any one of the watery places around here. It was great to have my attentiveness and small adventuresome spirit rewarded by three simple feathers.

Crystal and Bodhi enjoying the shore.

The heron's perch.

Today's treasures!

In other small news: Fidget is recovering from a visit to the vet's. Not my favorite option, but something had to be done as he was looking pretty poorly and I'm not keen on killing a being we've named. Thanks to surgical procedures I won't go into and antibiotics, he seems in fine fettle enough to crow. Always a good, if not annoying, sign that things are on the mend.

And I've signed on for the blogalong with Effy to be found here. Getting the button has proven more of a hassle than bargained for, but I'll find a way to do it soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an impressive collection of feathers. Most of mine are crow, jay, and rock dove feathers. Not sure what rock dove means.

Ashling said...

Doubt I would be classified as a "heron people", but they are profoundly important to me. So I'm in awe of the gift your patience found. What a blessing!

Heatheranne said...

Hi Dawn, I love the feathers. Mine consist of Peacock, Pheasant, Blue Jay and a few others that I can't think of right now. lol I have kept them in a vase, but love your idea - it's so beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful story.

Iris Ztarr said...

Hi Dawn,

I just signed up for Effy's Blogathon as well and signed up for the Linky but not being technical I have no idea what to do with it! Lol