Saturday, July 20, 2013

on a roll

Still moving through the paces today . . . as follows:

Gray alpaca almost dry. This batch came from an alpaca named Tootie from Painted Spring Farm Alpacas.

In Moonshine, us Ladies are investigating our own unique Divinity.
So I'm working an ink drawing self portrait.

Feeling the momentum, another fleece is getting cleaned.
This is a moorit (brown) crossbred from Elihu Farm.

Large fleece waiting. Got lovely crimp!

In the meantime, Fidget is crowing more often and in my presence.
Things are looking good!

The moorit crossbred enjoying breeze and sun.

The Fae House decorated and set in the Faery Tree (Rose of Sharon).
That's Piwaqit sitting guard.

Fresh-water mussel shell beds with Rose of Sharon pillows. Fresh berries served up!

The roof decorated with flowers.

The Sunny Side and a shot of whiskey.

I think I want to spend the night here.

And finally, a filter I created using a canvas, acrylic paint and ink.
A fun and interesting process.

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Heatheranne said...

I'm so happy that Fidget is doing so well. The fae house looks wonderful and I'm sure will have many visitors during the twilight hours. The something about that wool that intrigues me. I can see it in a mixed media piece. I can see great weeping trees, sprawling roots and mystery in it. It's funny what the mind's eye can envision. Have a great day! :-)