Saturday, July 06, 2013

on the desk and easel

Faery House partially coated.
The summer has been picking up momentum in the realm of creativity. Along with the year-long, meandering VisionQuest 2013, I've signed on for Cat Caracelo's SummerQuest ~ a journey that is already, at the get-go, running deep. I'm traveling the rest of this year with Effy in her BOD 2013 Session 2 and I'd joined her for Moonshine, a course I'm enjoying immensely. I believe I've sent the last assignment for the Coursera Introduction to Art (though we needed no introduction ~ Art and I go way back). And, after a long hiatus, Milliande has posted the latest -assignment in CAPI (Create Art Portfolio Ideas). Circles are right up my alley at present and allow for easy moodling during night time TV viewing, but soon, I'll have to develop a few of the sketches as suggested by the assignment.

And that, my friends, only lists out some of the creative sugar. There is much reading and writing with Thorn Coyle, Julia Cameron, Jill Badonsky, Clarrisa Pinkola Estes, and SoulCollage®. Being selfishly busy with all my personal studies and creativity, I've given Bennie the job of finishing the Faery House for the Rose of Sharon (aka the Faery Tree) as she's been bored to sobs with summer thus far. That is in the process of getting a coat of gesso.
Today's images awaiting inclusion and rumination.

The CAPI Full Circle work.

First Gate imagery in progress for SummerQuest.

The Mother ~ Daughter piece with an embroidered and beaded pomegranate added and awaiting
more wired beads throughout.


Ruth said...

How do you do it?

How do you create so MUCH?

Dawn Z said...

Fear of methamphetamines.