Monday, July 08, 2013

answering a call

The boxwood labyrinth at Garrison Institute.

We are a one-car couple. (Can't count Tom's car. It's his.) Circumstance and choice make us a one-car couple, but we make due. Today, I need the car which means I drive Dirk to work if the site isn't too far. After getting to the site and unloading, then driving back with traffic being diverted due to an auto accident, I had a real strong feeling I should go to the labyrinth. I've mentioned this place a couple of times, here and here, and it just happened to be on my way back home. So. No reason not to stop in for a circuit and pondering.

Once parked and through the wrought iron gate, I noticed a woman preparing to enter the labyrinth herself. There are, perhaps, rules of etiquette regarding labyrinth time. I've seen photos of more than one person traveling the circuit, but I feel it's important a person has that space to themselves. For that moment and for as long as they need it, the labyrinth is their container, their space, their time to speak with God Hirself. So I went to the Institute's lovely garden and meandered amongst the flowers while the woman walked the circuit. I plucked three flowered heads of lavender and stuck them in my hair. I walked in the small grove of fruit trees and set a stone on Buddha's right knee. This, too, was important ~ settling in, getting a sense of space, the ley of the land.

I watched the woman before me gather her things from the bench and retreat into the Institute and made my way to the entrance. So delicious a moment! Standing at the entrance, leaving Stuff behind, letting chaotic thoughts sit it out on the sidelines. I step in a little teary-eyed. I am here, I say. You called and now I am here.

I am indeed blessed to have a labyrinth nearby ~ especially on the way home.

A sweet wren's nest in one of the boxwood along the way.


Judith Knauss said...

I have access to a labyrinth, too, which I now feel as if I had walked today. What a lovely gift, the time to settle in, get your sense of place and the ley of the land. Thank you for sharing.

silvergran said...

How wonderful to have this so close! Have walked a labyrinth once, a powerful experience.