Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sometimes I cheat

There are times I approach a piece of art with an idea in mind and I don't want to dilly dally with any inept technical skills at capturing an image adroitly. So. I do what was learned in a college Illustration class years ago ~ trace the image and transfer it to the finished surface. Though frowned upon in Fine Art, it is the Illustrator's boon in Graphic Arts. For me tracing an image gives me the foundation, the bones, from which to flesh out an image without fussing over proportion or likeness. Illustrators were generally pressed for time in their creations (and I doubt that's changed much today) and would employ reasonable shortcuts to get their work to print in a timely manner. I'll admit, I'm not pressed for time with this personal project, but I felt strongly about capturing the model's face as accurately as possible. The basic structure belongs to the photo, but the rest is all me.

Model and illustration in progress.

And the stippling begins . . .

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