Saturday, June 29, 2013

painting with moss and beads

Another medium.
I am feeling out of sorts today. When this weirdness arrives, I retreat to a place of peace and find some way to busy myself. What better way than to tackle a piece of art that's been languishing awhile in the studio? This Mother ~ Daughter piece has been waiting, patiently, for me to come 'round and do something with Them. Demeter and Persephone or Ereshkigal and Inanna ~ mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters. Connections of Womanhood.
With the knitting done and Lyn Belisle's precious clay face shards painted with Pearl-Ex silver powder and matte medium, I meandered through the studio for a little of this and that. Dyed freshwater pearls, moss and feathers become parts of this piece. Beyond the knitting and faces, not one thing was planned. Placement of objects happened organically, intuitively. Put the moss here, the lichen there. Look, there is a color theme developing! Green, white, black ~ these three tiles, these pearls, the natural colors in the moss and lichen. There is meaning here. Follow that thread.
I'm not quite finished. I actually have some embroidery to do. Bennie wandered in and out, watching my progress, and asked, "How will you include the pomegranate?" Oh! Yes! Great idea! The How is still forming itself, but an embroidered and beaded piece, stuffed and hanging on the Daughter side would be a fine inclusion. The Mother side could see a sheaf of wheat.
Just being in this space, getting out of my head space, helped me today. Open. Receptive. Mental loop knocked off its track. Creativity does this for me as well as community. What works for you?

The hanging with pieces glued into place ~ tape holding until glue is set.

A little closer, my dear.

Tape removed ~ moss, lichen and pearls in place.

Mother and Daughter.



Detail of items on the driftwood, Mother side.

Detail of items, Daughter side.

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