Saturday, June 08, 2013

okay, I take it back

Creating the background of my Fantasy assignment.
A little bit. Hat tip to Effy . . . I sauntered on over to this free college art course. Expectations were checked at the door as I signed up and began the courses. I have to admit I'm rather having a blast. Having attended a brick and mortar college for Art, I have to say I much prefer this format. For one thing, it's friendlier ~ especially for those uncertain of their abilities. For another, classes can be attended on one's own time. This course is a Beginner's course, but it's always good to return to something with Beginner's Mind ~ which is what I've done. And, you know what? I'm actually learning a few things. Go figure. Now. How to give the professor a cyber-apple . . .
Fantasy Island dried and ready for characters.

The finished Fantasy piece entitled Dear Ground of Being . . .

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