Thursday, June 06, 2013

face it

Face sketched out over ranted text with Vulcan Script font.
Lately, I've had a strange inspiration to draw or paint faces ~ much like I used to do in High School. Creating the near-perfect visage with kind eyes and gentle lips, pert nose. Well proportioned and ideal. The Art Snob in me expresses its disgust in the form of an old art professor, Dr. Frankel. I can hear him saying, "Trite!" or asking in derogatory tones "Is this Art?" And I flat out feel odd wanting to paint these namby-pamby faces. I scoff at the twinkling eyes. I sneer at the pert nose and the rightly parted lips. I'm a little disgusted with myself.

But I stay with it. I figure I'll let this ride out ~ maybe something good will come from the process. It was sometime before I was feeling the painting was worthwhile. In fact, the further along I got, the better I felt about painting this face and others I'd painted for the past week.

So. Draw and paint. Faces. Like I used to do in High School. With some simple joy and no shame. Dr. Frankel is dead. We can relax now.

Face blocked out in interesting colors with the remaining paint rolled out on the opposite page.

Stenciling added to opposite page while the paint dries on the face.

India ink lines painted in for definition.

India ink stippling added to flesh out form.

A little closer, My Dear.

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