Friday, May 17, 2013

we are Beauty and we are Darkness

Well. Where do I begin?

How about here: I spent time at my easel today. There was no Grand Plan to paint. Time was simply had. An empty house. A silent phone. The computer somewhat out of reach except to hit Play on iTunes. Because there's stuff I needed to hear. Because I hadn't listened to what Thorn has had to say in a really long time and I needed the words while painting. What better podcast to listen to than Episode #60 ~ Loving Your Demons found at her site? What better, indeed.

Thorn likes to open gatherings with a chant and a prayer. The chant was an easy one to follow for the uninitiated ~ We are Beauty and we are Darkness. We are Light and we are Change. Listen. Sing it. Embrace it. Paint it. I found the meaning of the words working themselves into my creativity, my creation ~ the creation, as it no longer seems to be mine. She now has a life of Her own, though I do not know (gnow) yet Who She Is.

And so I listened to the podcast about loving one's Demons and learning how to come to terms with them. There's an awful lot I still don't know, I may never know, but I'm feeling a little more comfortable, again, inviting them for tea and cucumber sandwiches. I don't even care if they use the napkins. Just so long as they are near. The Basement of One's Being is too dark for anything to live quietly.

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