Wednesday, May 15, 2013

sur la table

Knitting and faces.
 I was feeling mildly International. It's passed now.

Anyway. I've been knitting. Not a lot. Enough to keep my nimble fingers busy during Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares or Grimm. (I'm certain there's a theme here ~ best not to follow it just now.) Actually, I'd been doing about as much ripping out as knitting while navigating an unfamiliar lace pattern. For several rows I worked this. This particular portion of the piece will act as the Common Ground so to speak. At a certain point, half of the piece became this (advanced) lace pattern which reminded me of pomegranates. I'm now at a juncture where the choice is to work this pattern another grueling 32 rows or start the Mother half with this pattern. As may have been surmised (or not, in which case you have my guidance here now), this piece is becoming the Mother/Demeter ~ Daughter/Persephone knitted hanging. There are only 5 faces left of the original 20 purchased from Lyn Belisle to choose from. (Very eager to order more, of course.) There's a pair that seems motherly while the other three smack of daughter face ~ one in particular at present. That may change tomorrow. Which is why I tend to let things gestate.

Like the painting on the easel. A few nights ago, instead of knitting/ripping (I'd had quite enough of that activity for one evening), I picked up one brush and played with the outlines of shapes. She became something I could stand to look at. I'm fairly satisfied with the metamorphosis from potential garbage to something acceptable ~ almost love it, in fact.

So. Pick a face. Paint a face. Wait it out.
Motherly faces. Feeling partial to the one on the left.

Daughter faces. The one at the top seems to have my attention.

One brush, white acrylic mixed with gold tempera and . . .

I'm sort of in love again!

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Ruth said...

For some reason, the "motherly face" on the right makes me think of Athena.

Knitting. Haven't touched mine in months. I think I burnt out on the stupid scarf and scared myself off of the mitts . . . but I must get back to it at some point because the yarn is so luscious.

Your ability to let things sit and brew is marvelous.