Thursday, May 23, 2013


It could be the weather or the Moon in Scorpio, but I felt a need to work deep today. Yin Yoga is good for those days when a body could use some moving yet not too much . . . and way down, the psoas was calling for some deep attention. Psoas, ssso-azz. Don't need no Jazz. I like music of varying sorts while practicing asanas yangster style (as Bernie says), but Yin Yoga seems to require the sounds of simplicity, the sounds of environment, the sounds of the body. I find rainy days just ducky for this form of practice. So with the music of rain and the trilling of the Pileated Woodpecker, a glass of oatstraw infusion, I set about to sittin' Yin. Deep delicious work done . . . Which allows me to meander back to the studio to play with the following . . .

Yes, the knitting is done and faces chosen for this Mother~Daughter piece.
Time to sift through the drift wood collected on Mother's Day.

Nearly done with this week's snippets and writings in the altered-book journal.

And though She and I appear to be at another impasse, it is one less discouraging than the Dry Spell before.
We're simmering nicely.

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