Friday, May 24, 2013


Yes, Bind Your Own Book. Today is a blog of connections. What prompted me to start creasing and folding 15 signatures, 6 folios/spreads each? Well, first this blog update in my Inbox. Which lead to this next blog update. From that lovely space, I hopped over to YouTube for this. While there I found this tutorial. I liked the second video tutorial better ~ music, colors . . . just all around fun stuff. Then I remembered Effy Wild has her bookbinding tutorial here. And then I remembered further her tutorial being very well-thought out, easy to follow and even more fun, by golly! (Is that even possible? It's Effy. Of course it is.) After creasing and folding folios and signatures, I'll have 180 pages of 80lb drawing paper at my disposal for creating images and musings. An old painting (not mine) was taken apart for its canvas to make the cover. It's a vague plan to paint over the image on that canvas tomorrow in preparation for threading some linen, stitching signatures together and assembling the book. So glad I found the cone of linen at the Sheep & Wool last year! It was meant for weaving, but bookbinding is just as good. I'm also toying with adding another one of my little clay faces from Lyn Belisle on the cover. See where the whimsy leads.

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