Tuesday, May 28, 2013

book bound

It. Is. Bound.
Possibly for Glory ~ we're not sure . . . Need the pun today.

Anyway, during a little Family Movie night of Land of the Lost, I finished binding my canvas cover journal. All 180 pages tied in with linen. I modified the stitching Effy demonstrates to tying each signature three times along the spine which left these interesting linen tales. I'm not sure if these will be cut or beaded or woven together further . . . things to let sit awhile until directed.

So. Here's the small dilemma: I am enamored of the book as it is and am now experiencing the White Page Block artists are sometimes faced with. I don't want to mess up any pages, which in turn, messes up the book. I'll simply have to get past that ~ starting tonight. Even if it means making a mess. Might be a healthy mess. Who knows. What matters is having fun and expressing my creativity.
And it is Phat.

And it's got a face.

A face I think I can look at everyday until this journal is full.


Patricia said...

What a massively awesome piece of artwork your book is all by itself! Anything (and I mean anything) you add to it on the inside at this point will just add to it's greatness ;D Have fun with your new journal!

Effy said...

My goddess, woman. This is GORGEOUS.

Denise M said...

Awesome beyond words....bowing in reverence to your skills!

Dawn Z said...

Thank you all for the kind comments!

Ruth said...

As always, a thing of beauty.

And WOW.

J M Cornwell said...

Makes me want to grab my fountain pen and begin writing. Beautiful work.