Friday, April 19, 2013

the faux Friday

As cute as this sort of is, it isn't working. The image was sitting on the easel for a couple of weeks while I tried to get past making it look like Crystal.

So I rolled out a thick layer of black acrylic and scribed an image into the surface with the stick end of a paint brush.

While the acrylic was drying, I did a Southpaw Sketch in India ink for journal writing later.

Meanwhile, back at the easel, I played with some highlights and colors. When I'm feeling a little less like I'm coming down with a cold (presently in denial), intentions to go further will be executed. Right now, a tea and a nap are in order.

An ink drawing finished with watercolor and the salt trick and a little stamping.

Ah, yes. And proof one need not purchase a Gelli plate in order to create a monoprint. Any surface will do as long as one has a brayer and thick paint.

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