Sunday, April 28, 2013

tea & wheat thins

Today was best spent outdoors. So Bennie and I gathered our projects and set up shop at the patio table. Boxes of beads and wire, semi-precious gem beads (that had been sitting around for nearly two years), my little black sketch book, watercolor crayons, phones, tea, Wheat Thins (creation is hungry work) and everything Bennie needed to finish a project on a few World Religions. (Paganism and Animism getting some pretty big billing in that project.) It was all brought out to a glorious day. Chickens and cats helped on occasion. At lunch break, we dined on tuna-with-chopped-apple salad sandwiches in the sun by the garden (that's when the chickens really stepped in to help). Then it was back to . . . Play!That glorious-ness was piled on with all manner of completed projects. Rather a good day.

Ginger Cat Napping done for fun.

Finished three necklaces!

Finished my Gaian Tarot bag from a lacy leaf swatch.
(The Gaian Tarot is very quickly becoming my Go-To Deck these days.)

Neatly enclosed in a vintage silk scarf with hand-painted violets.

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