Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Assignments. I'm giving them a whirl at Milliande's site. It's all a self-guided tour ~ which is dangerous, but I don't bungee or base jump so . . . here I go.

In these images, it's suggested to play with squiggles and sketch out images found in them. A right-brained activity geared toward finding rather than focusing on creating. The exercise was fun and engaging, taking me out of my usual realm of art play. I may play with some more tonight during Hell's Kitchen and then Grimm. Well, maybe not during Grimm ~ it'll be too late by then to hold a pen.

Using a copy of Milliande's squiggle as a primer . . .

And again.

Then I started playing with a few of my own . . .

Again . . .

And yet again.
Like yoga for the brain.

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