Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday fluff

It was a Saturday of running around ~ which I did not care to do, but there it is. Things needed doing and so they got done. All of which left me enough time this evening to post a few journal pages and some other stuff. The weather was balmy. Brownie spent the day in the garden. Bennie and I spent a little time sitting outside at the table sketching and playing with watercolor crayons before I was on the hop and in car again.

A Southpaw sketch with stenciled Tattered Angels.

Finished flowers in India ink and Liquitex Acrylic inks.

Another Southpaw sketch for tomorrow's journal page in India ink.

This time of year has me feeling like stringing beads. These strands of flourite have been waiting to become a necklace for some time. This is flourite's lucky weekend.

My pen sketch at the picnic table with Bennie. Obiwan couldn't seem to keep out of the way of my left arm so I sketched him and added some zentangles as well as some font of my own making. I was getting ready to add the orange watercolor crayon when I was called to run the next errand.

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