Wednesday, April 10, 2013

picnic at the monastery

Grace, Kirsten and I went to the Chuang Yen Monastery.

Where the Big Buddha lives.

Kirsten and Grace perusing available books.

A Buddha image inside the rotunda.

Extreme navel gazing outside the rotunda.

An ancient Kuan Yin statue in Kuan Yin Hall.

The goose that joined us.

Kuan Yin on the other shore.

Big hungry carp.

A contemplative turtle.

A photogenic chipmunk.

Tremendously yummy birthday cake.

Plated and served.


gracie said...

It was a fab day...

Ruth said...

Oh, such wonderful pictures!

I'm seeing Kwan Yin with the lightest dusting of snow . . . soothing the heart of someone kneeling at Her feet.

You've got quick eyes and quicker hands to have captured that chipmunk in a photo. I visited that monastery once - I think it was in 2002. Lovely, serene place.

I'm so glad that you have good friends who love you enough to kidnap you.