Monday, April 22, 2013

muddle-headed Monday

Not quite finished, but not too bad for art between naps.
The weekend was spent in fits and starts nursing a late spring cold. Saturday was filled with Nothingness and Naps. Sunday I dragged myself outside with Dirk and Bennie to move some things around in the garden. Comfrey and lemon balm were moved out of the herb bed since they take over pretty quickly otherwise. The rue and sage were moved to center in that bed. Some white-flowered Rose of Sharon pods were planted in a pot. When those seedlings are big enough, they'll be moved to some safe place in the yard. The datura seeds I gleaned from a condo complex were also planted. We'll see if those take.

And that was it. Kept my eyes open long enough to see Brande fired by Mr. Trump, then deep, deep sleep of one nursing a cold. Either that or the boredom of prime time TV.

Today was no different ~ well, except for naps. And fluids. Slow Time was spent in the studio inking the flowers and plants mentioned. I get especially lost in the stippling ~ the teeny-tiny dots that form the shape and shading of things done in ink. Soothing, repetitive action within the confines of lines was the perfect antidote to the general malaise. Hopefully, tomorrow will see at least a walk. Too much vegetation will certainly turn me into a substance not easily remolded.

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