Friday, April 05, 2013

and now we make a mess

Bennie working on her Frida Kahlo poster.
Well, Bennie is making less of a mess working on her Frida Kahlo poster for English. While she's working those Mexican Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, I'm creating pages for the next few days' worth of journal musings. Various recordings are playing while I roll, paint or splatter acrylic paint and matte medium over printed writings. I went back to a technique shown me in an illustration class years ago (Cretaceous Period, I think) of using layers of paint, matte medium brushed and splattered then left to completely dry. Once dried as mentioned, completely (otherwise a larger mess is made), a paint wash is laid on the matte medium surface and then blotted away. What's expected to occur, if the Paint Gods are with one, is the raised areas of splatter pop from the image and the wash sits in the crevices left by the brush strokes and splatters. It's time consuming which is perfectly fine for this evening's ramble through the studio proper. There are times I'm mired in technique working each step as necessary for a desired result. Random still has room to wiggle in, but the control of technique keeps one focused. And I'm managing to get this all done before Grimm and knitting. Very important Friday evening activity which requires a reasonable amount of mental vegetation, tea and butter pecan ice cream. Without planetary alignment, all three are present and so an easy night is assured.

In much happier news for one of the male Youths residing here, Samurai Jack is on Netflix! No comment from the other male Youth currently holed up in his Man Cave.

The flip sides of the worked-on acrylic pages.

Liquitex Acrylic Ink  and white acrylic paint rolled and
blotted then covered with matte medium.

A wash of metallic acrylic inks added and then blotted
to bring out the texture in the matte medium.

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