Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Assignments. I'm giving them a whirl at Milliande's site. It's all a self-guided tour ~ which is dangerous, but I don't bungee or base jump so . . . here I go.

In these images, it's suggested to play with squiggles and sketch out images found in them. A right-brained activity geared toward finding rather than focusing on creating. The exercise was fun and engaging, taking me out of my usual realm of art play. I may play with some more tonight during Hell's Kitchen and then Grimm. Well, maybe not during Grimm ~ it'll be too late by then to hold a pen.

Using a copy of Milliande's squiggle as a primer . . .

And again.

Then I started playing with a few of my own . . .

Again . . .

And yet again.
Like yoga for the brain.

Monday, April 29, 2013

slap dash sort of day

First, masking tape was put down . . .

Gesso laid on and a little Tattered Angels mist spritzed . . .

Yet more Tattered Angels mist and left to dry . . .

Black tag added with gold tempera paint applied with a brayer . . .

Ready for ruminations @ 11:00.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

tea & wheat thins

Today was best spent outdoors. So Bennie and I gathered our projects and set up shop at the patio table. Boxes of beads and wire, semi-precious gem beads (that had been sitting around for nearly two years), my little black sketch book, watercolor crayons, phones, tea, Wheat Thins (creation is hungry work) and everything Bennie needed to finish a project on a few World Religions. (Paganism and Animism getting some pretty big billing in that project.) It was all brought out to a glorious day. Chickens and cats helped on occasion. At lunch break, we dined on tuna-with-chopped-apple salad sandwiches in the sun by the garden (that's when the chickens really stepped in to help). Then it was back to . . . Play!That glorious-ness was piled on with all manner of completed projects. Rather a good day.

Ginger Cat Napping done for fun.

Finished three necklaces!

Finished my Gaian Tarot bag from a lacy leaf swatch.
(The Gaian Tarot is very quickly becoming my Go-To Deck these days.)

Neatly enclosed in a vintage silk scarf with hand-painted violets.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday fluff

It was a Saturday of running around ~ which I did not care to do, but there it is. Things needed doing and so they got done. All of which left me enough time this evening to post a few journal pages and some other stuff. The weather was balmy. Brownie spent the day in the garden. Bennie and I spent a little time sitting outside at the table sketching and playing with watercolor crayons before I was on the hop and in car again.

A Southpaw sketch with stenciled Tattered Angels.

Finished flowers in India ink and Liquitex Acrylic inks.

Another Southpaw sketch for tomorrow's journal page in India ink.

This time of year has me feeling like stringing beads. These strands of flourite have been waiting to become a necklace for some time. This is flourite's lucky weekend.

My pen sketch at the picnic table with Bennie. Obiwan couldn't seem to keep out of the way of my left arm so I sketched him and added some zentangles as well as some font of my own making. I was getting ready to add the orange watercolor crayon when I was called to run the next errand.

Monday, April 22, 2013

muddle-headed Monday

Not quite finished, but not too bad for art between naps.
The weekend was spent in fits and starts nursing a late spring cold. Saturday was filled with Nothingness and Naps. Sunday I dragged myself outside with Dirk and Bennie to move some things around in the garden. Comfrey and lemon balm were moved out of the herb bed since they take over pretty quickly otherwise. The rue and sage were moved to center in that bed. Some white-flowered Rose of Sharon pods were planted in a pot. When those seedlings are big enough, they'll be moved to some safe place in the yard. The datura seeds I gleaned from a condo complex were also planted. We'll see if those take.

And that was it. Kept my eyes open long enough to see Brande fired by Mr. Trump, then deep, deep sleep of one nursing a cold. Either that or the boredom of prime time TV.

Today was no different ~ well, except for naps. And fluids. Slow Time was spent in the studio inking the flowers and plants mentioned. I get especially lost in the stippling ~ the teeny-tiny dots that form the shape and shading of things done in ink. Soothing, repetitive action within the confines of lines was the perfect antidote to the general malaise. Hopefully, tomorrow will see at least a walk. Too much vegetation will certainly turn me into a substance not easily remolded.

Friday, April 19, 2013

the faux Friday

As cute as this sort of is, it isn't working. The image was sitting on the easel for a couple of weeks while I tried to get past making it look like Crystal.

So I rolled out a thick layer of black acrylic and scribed an image into the surface with the stick end of a paint brush.

While the acrylic was drying, I did a Southpaw Sketch in India ink for journal writing later.

Meanwhile, back at the easel, I played with some highlights and colors. When I'm feeling a little less like I'm coming down with a cold (presently in denial), intentions to go further will be executed. Right now, a tea and a nap are in order.

An ink drawing finished with watercolor and the salt trick and a little stamping.

Ah, yes. And proof one need not purchase a Gelli plate in order to create a monoprint. Any surface will do as long as one has a brayer and thick paint.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pen & ink

"Belay that Sharpie!" Gnome says in a
somewhat pirate-like manner.
He can be a little bossy.
Drawing my left hand again this morning, I lazily reached for the very fine point Sharpie. As I started inking in penciled lines, there was a V-8 moment to be had ~ I could-a used the pen and ink! The Sharpie was capped, put away and ye olde pen and metal nibs were quickly laid out for inking.

The last time I used the steel nib had to be either in college or High School ~ it's all a blur after Kindergarten really. I'd played with them on and off throughout the years since then, but not to sketch. Maybe I didn't have a hand for the medium back then, as it was frustrating to draw anything without the random ink splotch, marring an otherwise beautiful image. Even trying to fix the splotch was futile as it was only made worse in doing so. It couldn't really be erased and trying to hide it in a shaded area did little good. Even if there was some measure of success in burying a mistake, you'd know it was there taunting. Like The Tell-Tale Heart. Alright, maybe not that extreme, but enough to annoy a perfectionista.

Lately, however, I am falling in love again with the simple India ink black line on paper. Perhaps I've developed a patience and maturity necessary for using pen and ink. Not to jinx it, but I've not splotched once in the past two weeks of either writing or sketching. And even if I do create one on the page, I won't gnash my teeth or cry over spilled ink, but instead embrace the imperfection as a part of the visionary journey.  This time around, I am enjoying the crispness, the permanence (more so than any Sharpie), the depth of noir-ity. Looking into an inky container, there is nothing deeper and darker. The Void from which all things manifest ~ for the artist it's visionary image, for the poet, words that speak to the heart. That is looking into the Eye of the Beholder. Alice may have her rabbit holes to fall into, but I have a bottle of ink.
The left hand inked with real honest to goodness ink.

Finding more interest in the lines using the steel nib.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

journal pages

Words and zentangles.

Criss-cross and a birthday card.

Oriental collage and inky squiggles.

The Apple Dress.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

picnic at the monastery

Grace, Kirsten and I went to the Chuang Yen Monastery.

Where the Big Buddha lives.

Kirsten and Grace perusing available books.

A Buddha image inside the rotunda.

Extreme navel gazing outside the rotunda.

An ancient Kuan Yin statue in Kuan Yin Hall.

The goose that joined us.

Kuan Yin on the other shore.

Big hungry carp.

A contemplative turtle.

A photogenic chipmunk.

Tremendously yummy birthday cake.

Plated and served.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

birthday goodies

A sweet little brown black goat.

Yeah, I say it's my birthday, but not today. It was this past Sunday. However, I got stuff yesterday! My dear friend, Ruth, sent me a Birthday Care Package of awesomeness (becoming a Whiner Forty-Niner requires some care). A box was sent via a lovely ceramic artist, Mary Harmon of Crone's Crafts, which contained the sweetest goat and a yarn bowl. It's hard to see in the photo, but the goat's glazing has flecks of mica or something to make her iridescent and has such a lovely personality. The yarn bowl has gingko leaves scribed into the side near the holes. A really nifty gift!

The real stunner, for me at least, was opening an envelope to find collage cards created by Ruth (who says she's not creative, by the way). These images will be included into my SoulCollage® deck.

Beautiful functionality.
Tomorrow, Grace and Kirsten, my local BFF's are whisking me away from the Everyday for a picnic lunch. Something I am looking forward to with great anticipation.

Beauteous cards.