Monday, March 11, 2013

things the moon told me

Things the Moon Told Me

She told me I was wise
that I carry All History.
One needs Silence to hear it,
Hindsight to see it.
She told me I was All Mystery.
Wear gray, be invisible.
Wear red, be strident.
Wear black, be the Void.
The moon shared so much with me;
She told me enough to fill the sky.
It is secret and it is not,
For she tells everyone the same thing.
It becomes your secret when it is deciphered
in your own, unique language.

Dawn Zichko © 2013

These words are written on the ribbon woven into the knitting. I'm inspired to make others. I'm surprised I feel this good about making this piece. I'm delighted, in fact to feel so good about the knitting and construction. Kind of a change from feeling ambivalent or *meh!*.

One homework piece done. Now on to the triptych.

And Daylight Savings Time annoys me to no end. I honestly don't feel as though my day light has been saved in any way whatsoever. Nor was I aware of the need for saving it. Waking up was an exercise in futility this morning. It will be days before we can all adjust.

Working as a diptych with the previous knitted piece.

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Ruth said...

I thought She was drenched in gold, like a Harvest Moon ripe for giving.

When are you going to start displaying and selling your work in a gallery? WHEN??