Monday, March 04, 2013

the next journal

Front cover with my astrological animal.
Stepping out of the limitations of an altered-book journal, I'm back home in my happy format. A three-ring binder, dressed and ready for a night out. Lacking foresight, I should have included some Before photos showing the sample book as it came to me, but, hey, it's Monday and my gray cells are still on Sunday mode. At any rate, as of this evening, I'm back to making journal pages in a way I enjoy. All the images were taken from the altered-book I was creating in and Mod Podged, aggressively, along with strips of magenta, gold-patterned sheer material. I rarely title my tomes, but felt compelled to do so this trip and chose Inner Landscape typed out in a couple of different fonts. (Fonts! Oh fonts! Don't get me started! I could get completely lost downloading fonts.) Those letters were then outlined in Sakura metallic pen after sprayed with a few Tattered Angels colors and then also aggressively Mod Podged into submission.

Already, some ephemera has been loaded in along with 80lb drawing paper, Canson black drawing paper and watercolor paper. Now. What to do? Ah, yes. There's some knitting going on in the studio as well. This will not be wearable art, but something for StoryThreads. It's a challenge to knit something with the idea of NOT wearing it or making it useful in some way. It's just going to be a piece of art . . . unheard of.
The spine with the nifty title.

The back cover.

The binder closure. It's one of those magnetic thingys.

The entire exterior.

Interior . . .

Interior back.

A birthday card I made for someone in
1990 with Dr Martin's.
Gotta get me more of those again.
Awesome colors.

A little tree sketched on watercolor paper.

My Art in Progress . . .

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Ruth said...

I find that I simply cannot keep a journal going anymore . . . but when I did, it was in 6" x 9" spiral bound notebooks. Hardbound journals just, I don't know, piss me off. I can't get past their tendency to shut on my hand. ;-)

I've got a "book" that I should make at some point. My plan is to use a scrapbook cover I bought that's made of 1/8" plywood with a hinged cover. It's bound using the screw-together binder pegs. Easy to change out pages as need be, or to customize utterly.

You truly are an inspiration. Whenever I work on something (like I am at the moment - photos when I'm done) I imagine you looking over my shoulder, giving me direction and instruction as well as encouragement.