Saturday, March 09, 2013

the busy-ness of Saturday

Things the Moon Told Me in progress.
It is warm after the storm. Which is why Dirk is working outside today. I did a small bit out doors earlier ~ checking out the flock, filling the bird feeder ~ but, today, my realm is indoors. In order to kick off Spring Cleaning (we don't want to leave it for the May Queen), I've started cleaning altars around the house. Well, surfaces in general, as too many horizontal surfaces become an altar of some sort. Windex has been purchased for REAL window cleaning. The home made stuff doesn't cut it when window cleaning happens once a year. (Face it. I've better things to do than ensure sparkling panes year round.) I'm also trying to finish my diptych for StoryThreads. This second hanging seems to have a name already ~ Things the Moon Told Me. That string of words has been running through my mind since casting on the sparkly single-spun yarn (llama, I think ~ can't remember). I found a pattern on KnittingFool; fairly lacy with enough structure to hold its own. Today, I'd like to complete it adding another sweet face made by Lyn Belisle and other embellishments before I post for sharing. And there's creating journal pages in the new journal. Watching one of Donna Downey's videos, I got the nifty idea of using paint sample tags as inclusions for journal page creation. Beauty part is they're FREE and easy to stockpile ~ dangerously easy. A little gesso on the back side and there's more surface for writing or stamping or inking or whatever floats one's boat. This spread incorporates a few of these little gems for ruminations later. So. Back to busy-ness . . .

A spread for the week, replete with a sketch of the
Left Hand, torn words, inked and embellished and
the back sides of those paint tags.

The flip side of the paint tags glued perfectly
in place to fit the binder when I'm done with
these pages.

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Ruth said...

Teehee. I have a bad tendency to stockpile those paint cards too. And how much do you love that some come in that beautiful leafy shape? BEGONE TEMPTATION, or at least please be put away.

What has the moon told you?