Friday, March 22, 2013

the artful dodger

Coming to life . . .
Alright, so I was being a little cute with the title. However, I have been dodging from one art form to another today. All betwixt and between dealing with various bits of the Everyday (which, no matter how hard I try, can not be ignored). Another knitted hanging is coming to life with yet another clay face made by Lyn Belisle and this curious feather-wing butterfly I found stuck in an indoor tree while visiting a relative in hospital. I'll have a better idea what to add once I find a hospitable stick in the woods that would like to become a part of art. The fiber is either alpaca or bunny ~ alas, its composition eludes me. It has a nice hand though which makes this art somewhat touchable.

Also, I created a journal page based on a conversation with the Dalai Lama found here. While I haven't suffered atrocities of this magnitude, there are days when the Little Me sure does feel like it. The background is a type written rant encrypted in Vulcan Script. I then sprayed the text and wrote the following over it all ~ Meditation: for those days when it feels like Life is being held for ransom. Ruminations @ 11:00.
Kidnapped by reality.

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