Friday, March 01, 2013

in the studio

The intuitive painting is looking a little braver today.
It was a day filled with a complete lack of focus and purpose. I dabbled and moodled . . . did some domestic engineering . . . dabbled . . . ate something . . . moodled . . . ate again. The lost rhythm of my day. Then I cocooned in the Big Ass Red Chair and watched two episodes of X-Files. My only real accomplishment. My Muses are full of chagrin and down at the local bar.
Some Corriedale spun and waiting to be plied perhaps.

Cigar boxes waiting, still, to become dioramas.

As both the yak and buffalo down have been disappointing
to spin up, I've decided to card in some wool gotten from Kim.
That should make for a better draw and easier spinning.

The Spirit Doll has decided to take the
name Elen of the Ways. Works well
with the deer head and birch bark.

And finally, my journal spread of the week.

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Ruth said...

You really are my muse, y'know. When I feel utterly overwhelmed by my lack of ability, I turn to your blog to reassure myself that It Will All Work Out.