Sunday, March 17, 2013


Trees sketched and Frisket laid over the image.
Frisket. In some ways, I may be dating myself. The last time I ever used Frisket film airbrush art was all the rage. Now there's Photoshop. This morning there was this vague recollection of having some still laying around in my studio. Happy was I to actually find a barely-used packet of the stuff bought I-don't-know how many years ago.

Using the back of my paint sample page, taped with masking tape for texture and then covered in gesso, I sketched a scene I see every morning when I wake; the trees twining into themselves and each other out the window.

Plenty of mistakes and a mess made using the Frisket, but that's fine. It's just art for the journal and it's the perfect space for making mistakes.
One tree cut away and the first color sprayed
using the Tattered Angel.

A little drying time (and, of course, I forget the
Tattered Angel project isn't waterproof after
application), then the second tree is cut and
another color applied.

The third tree, third color.

Frisket removed and one more, very light,
color applied.

Trees outlined in a thin Sharpie.
Ready for writin' and ruminatin'.

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Ruth said...

How do you cut the Frisket without also cutting the underlying paper?