Friday, March 29, 2013

dressing it up

A cleaned and turned garden waiting for plants.
It was a great day for getting out to the groggy garden. Living on a mountainous terrain, we tend to grow rocks ~ literally. They appear after a deluge, popping up here and there in the drive way and throughout the yard. So raised beds is the way to plant much of anything. The other thing is the growing season is a little short here. Snowdrops nod their little pale heads about two weeks later than down in the flat lands. Tulips and daffodils are just pushing up their stems now . The most we can manage is to play with and in the dirt ~ turn the beds, clean up around them, plant pea seeds. Bennie and I enlisted Dirk to help us sink the terra cotta pieces into the pathway for easier barefoot walking. Last year, I laid them on top of the ground to get an idea of how they might look and because I like to use what's laying around instead of buying more rocks. I've already got 'em. Why buy 'em?

Fresh air, sun, old rooster taking a dirt bath ~ what more could one ask for? It is the kind of work I like really. Like painting or spinning or knitting or weaving, my hands and body are in concert, doing real work. Paperwork, phone calls and faxes drive completely around the bend. Business e-mails too, for that matter. I've little patience for them. Moving rocks from one part of the yard to the other gives me immediate gratification. Tactile, physical ~ I am moving the rocks. Sounds a little insane, but then there are crazier things on this earth. Maybe it's a control issue too. I don't have to worry about the internet working or the phone call going through or re-faxing the same document three times because some yobo forgot to turn on their fax. All I need is my able body ~ one of which I am grateful to still have.

And so the garden is waiting for warmer days of tomatoes and basil, peppers and squash. In the meantime, Brownie gets to enjoy his old age in relative safety and comfort. We also tested out the walkway with our bare feet and it was a delicious experience despite the chill.
Brownie checking out the fresh-laid walk.

Sans rooster.

Speaking of spinning, here is the Starry Night spun
whilst watching The Hobbit. I am envisioning the next
knitted art piece ~ clay faces, sticks, feathers . . .

The Studio Travelocity Gnome approves.

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