Thursday, March 21, 2013

doin' it my way

Obliterated writing.
Much has been learned about visual journal page creation from various sources ~ Effy Wild, Donna Downey, Tamara Laporte, to name a few. I've played with gesso and layers and an altered-book and fonts and tags. When I returned to creating pages with the 3-ring binder in mind, I found myself wandering back to some of the things I'd done before. One page, one day. Writing and leaving it intact or obliterating it with images, paint or collage. It's taken on a different flavor thanks to what I've learned (mainly from Effy's BOD) giving me results I enjoy. It is a happy marriage of self expression and beauty.
Stencils and inks and type printed on tracing paper, oh my!

Writing and home made stencil on paint sample.
Another reason to love Home Depot.

Another fave ~ Left Hand drawing with spray inks, masking
tape as, well, masking.

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