Saturday, March 02, 2013

changing it up again

The altered-book experiment is coming to an end, abruptly. While I've learned a lot playing with these bound pages, the limitations are becoming . . . burdensome. Which doesn't make for happy journal creating. During the office clean-up, I bumped into a three-ring binder for samples. The samples were dumped and now I have an interesting form for creating a more flexible journal.

This bound book and I have had our time together, drawings and revelations . . .

writings and odd beings.

However, I've come to miss this journal. Simple. Create a page, punch holes, add a page or whatever ephemera lends itself to adding. The creative messes can be contained on each page thus maintaining the integrity of the tome.

There are fun, experimental pages in here, windows and watercolor . . .

collage and writings.

So. As of tonight, I am done with the altered-book journal and its limitations.
I am feeling somewhat liberated.

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