Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a-walkin' we went . . . barefoot

Comes a time in the year, early spring usually, when I've had about enough of socks and boots. My toes long to feel the earth! The caress of greening grass, the crunch of last autumn's leftover leaves, the freezing mud, the occasional pebble (Gaia's free random reflexology service ~ trust me, you get it where you need it). The sun was out and there was a breeze or two and despite having a hat and a heavy sweater, I went out barefootin'. Bennie joined me also unshod. Dirk had his usual two-to-three layers and boots. This time of year makes for a chilly-footed walk, but it's worth every step to feel the earth. To have that direct connection refreshes every cell in my body ~ an instant remedy for that Daylight Savings Time drag lag. And we got the mail.

Now I feel awake and inspired enough to get a few things done in the studio. Or I could cocoon and nap to X-Files . . . either way, it ain't all bad.

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