Thursday, February 21, 2013

what's going on here?

Bennie's creations on my easel, thank you!
We've just come off a five-day weekend from school. I'd rather hoped to be a little more productive creating in the studio, but it seems Bennie got the jump on me in a big way. Borrowing images from here and here, she sketched Faeries and Gnomes in charcoal, ink and watercolor. These are all waiting on my easel ~ where a still-blank canvas sits ~ for fixative spraying.

I am proud and chagrined all at once.

In the meantime, I've finally had the odd moment to begin creating my Energy Compass as suggested by Cat in the VisionQuest 2013. By accident, I discovered one can rub the back side of a magazine photograph with a pencil (which is best so it can be seen where it's already been burnished) and transfer the image to drawing paper. Some bits of that experiment turned up in my compass-in-progress.

There! Take that Artistic Complacency! Now. What to do for lunch  . . .
My Energy Compass, by golly!

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Ashling said...

Absolutely live the sweet, poignant authenticity of Bennie's drawings. Totally blown away.