Saturday, February 09, 2013

the house rooster is in

Brownie enjoying an afternoon reverie in the sun.
So. Unless you're on another planet (not that there's anything wrong with that), you might know a fair portion of the Northeast is digging out and trying to cope with the copious amounts of snow. While I'd measured a 13 inches on my front porch this morning, I'd not taken into account the drifting. We actually got about a foot and a half. And so now there are Mole Tunnels leading to various important parts of the yard ~ the cars, the compost, the bird feeder, the coop. The chickens are not amused, flying from the coop and trying to make landings, as gracefully as a chicken can, to the cleared areas of the driveway.

Brownie, however, has been enjoying a warm and weather-free existence for a few weeks now. Dirk is a big softy when it comes to the Old Fellas and Brownie is one of the last. On the whole, he's pretty good as far as roosters go. He doesn't bother leaving the floor. He's relatively clean. He doesn't scurry at the sound of the vacuum cleaner. The dogs have come to accept his presence in the house as Something Not to Chase ~ Or Else! For a rooster, he's pretty chill. I may miss him when real spring time rolls around. However, Brownie needs to be under the sun and on the earth, scratching for grubs and loving up the Ladies. It's what roosters are meant to do.

And Spring may indeed show her loveliness soon. At 4:00 o'clock EST, I glanced out the window and then at the clock on the sill and noted the sun still beaming in the west. Moving out of darkness.


Ashling said...

I think that's very sweet. But ummm....chickens poop. Alot. Is Brownie litter-trained?

Dawn Z said...

Most of the time, he hangs out in a dog crate. During the day, Brownie will be out and about, but he's pretty clean which is why I don't mind him hanging out.