Monday, February 18, 2013


American Gothika ~ a story of
desperation and forgetting.
My external hard drive crashed this past summer. Literally. It hit the floor and crashed, exiting in a most Queenly fashion. Nothing was retrievable. My art, my writing, my everything. Gone. Between office re-organization and other various chores, I spent the day scanning all of my SoulCollage® images. All 95 of them. A number I'm astounded with. Ninety-five. Yes, it still reads like a lot even when written out. With that number, the scanning took all day, but I got it done.

As I had to handle each and everyone in scanning, I felt as though we were all getting re-acquainted. Some were old friends seen frequently. Others have never been drawn, not even in the more organized readings that go beyond the Daily Draw. Ninety-five precious parts of Self depicted ~ some named, some not. Some with clear and easy stories to tell; others needing patience, no coaxing, just witnessing. Many had the patina of use, edges of images rubbed away from gentle shuffling (basically stacking and re-stacking little piles ~ matte board doesn't shuffle well). A few were brand spanking new coated in fresh Mod Podge with smooth, silky bumps and swirls from the brush strokes.
Anxiety ~ a story of eating away
at one's self.

Today was a labor of love and attention worth every minute. I'm feeling rather accomplished. Some random favorites and those of questionable favoritism are included in this post tonight.

Arddhu (arthee) ~ a story of the archetypal s-aging male

Dragonfly ~ the story of what's
living in my Crown Chakra

Dreamcatcher ~ the story of
catching, well, dreams and ideas

Green Athena ~ the story of
Nature's intelligence and beauty

Hierophant ~ the story of the
Inner Guide and Teacher

Jewel of Solitude ~ the story of
one's own sweet space

Memento ~ the story of the
memories one carries

Picasso ~ the story of an artist
and his flaws

The Moonhut ~ the story about
finding wholeness despite the
fractured self

The White Tara ~ the story of
the archetypal compassion

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