Saturday, February 16, 2013


Crayons waiting to be melted.
Amazing what a 60 watt bulb can accomplish.
Sometime back in xmas, Bennie had gotten a crayon melting machine-thingy. It was forgotten until yesterday when I found it doing a little early spring cleaning in the studio. Well. We had to try it! First, I locked us out of it by turning the timer knob before trying the bulb. Then we discovered the machine had to be plugged directly in the wall ~ no extension cords ~ but had to wait again for the timer knob to let us open the lid again. Then Bennie hadn't loaded the tipping tray in correctly whereupon an expletive was emitted at this realization as it meant, yes, once again, we had to wait for the timer knob to unlock the lid. The fourth time was a charm in this story as we were finally able, without incident, to make some funky crayons. They will be great for resist images in painting and journal page creating.

Funky crayons.
Today, I was able to play awhile in the newly cleaned and arranged space. Tossed a lot of stuff. Mainly Knits and SpinOff magazines mainly because I can find patterns on the internet and space is at a premium. As for those magazines used for SoulCollage®, I'll have to go through them and figure out which ones I'll keep longer for creating images. So. Finished out the week on my Book of Days on one spread and started another for next week using some very old mulberry paper. Ruminations @ 11:00.

The Valentine's Day week spread.

Flaps lifted (for take-off).

New spread before adding mulberry paper.

Ready for more embellishment and writing during the week.

Oh. And another hat in the making.
I need to find another large knit project.

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