Sunday, February 24, 2013

art as play

The blank canvas! It taunts us!
Recently, I'd found this book in my possession and made the time to read through it. Hearing about Flora Bowley on line in other blogs and such, my curiosity was piqued. It's something I bought awhile ago as the title was interesting and I like to see how other artists do their stuff. The book is my cheap way out: I can't always afford on line classes. As a result, I'm sort of flying blind and by the seat of my pants with this process.

Which is why this canvas had been sitting on my easel untouched since getting a coat of gesso for about three weeks. I was feeling apprehensive and in no way brave or intuitive as Flora's book suggests. However, I reached a point where, really, there wasn't anything else to do in the studio. I'd cleaned and sorted and reorganized . . . those things that are important, but don't quite feel like Creativity. So. Blank canvas. Blocked artist. Go ahead and do it anyway!

Having tons of tempera, I used that as the main medium (thus far ~ who knows what'll happen tomorrow) and laid the canvas on the floor to make a primitive mess. Feeling tentative, I used only three colors ~ green, turquoise and white ~ to avoid making, well, the color of mud. These colors were applied directly to the canvas and then smooshed around with a sponge brush. I enjoyed the juicy feel of paint gliding on canvas and began to loosen up a bit.

At a certain point (not wanting to stop just yet), I stood the canvas on one side and sprayed the surface with water. It was fun shooting the spray into the colors and watching them run. In fact, I may have over done it as the entire painting dripped onto the paper. But that was okay. I just turned the canvas one quarter and sprayed a little more to see what would happen.

Laying the canvas down on the floor again, I played with the paint using my fingers and the white tempera. The finger blobs were etched out with an old knitting needle, making these strange spiky blobs. And that is where it stopped. For the meantime . . .

It is suggested that if you are feeling apprehensive about painting again, to move your body. Do yoga. Go for a walk. Since I want this layer of colors to dry before applying others, I went and made a toasted cheese sandwich. I think that counts as movement.
Okay. Moving along. Not too scary . . .

Some fancy shootin', Tex!

Hmmm . . . Perhaps a little too much shootin', Tex.

A little finger dancing before letting the paint dry.
See what later/tonight/tomorrow brings.

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