Tuesday, February 26, 2013

and so plans changed

The painting as of today. See what tonight brings . . .
Well. I didn't really have any plans. However, I'd have liked to do some other things. Like continue exploring the present painting on the easel and maybe gesso a second canvas. So. Staying flexible, rolling with the punches, Little Things were done instead. A small run to AC Moore's to spend that last $10 voucher before it expired. (New very fine-point Sharpie, Loopy Loom loops, a Micron pen for Bennie ~ zap! There went $10.) Adding to my journal pages for today took all of 15 minutes. We napped to X-Files ~ couldn't tell you which season. Just clicked on Netflix and let 'er rip. (Although, I vaguely remember this episode as we dozed.) Dinner has been managed, loosely, and I have the evening to play with some paint before turning for the night. That could do.

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