Sunday, February 03, 2013

an Imbolc ramble

On the snow-dusted logging road.
We gathered bags, garden snips and intentions before heading down the old logging road to the dam. A crisp early spring afternoon (morning sped by us with a tip o' the hat), perfect for a ramble in the woods. Especially after a fine dusting of snow. Bennie and I bundled and trundled, picking up woodsy ephemera, sticks and twigs to make our Spirit Dolls. Maple, oak and silver birch along with a little Mountain Laurel ~ all fallen branches, nothing cut live. It was a good walk for minimal conversation and much laughter wrangling twisted sticks into canvas bags.

Last night, we tried using Fast Mache to make little faces. It was a complete and utter failure which had me looking into Earth Shards (as used in Joanna Powell Colbert's handy e-book). Twenty dollars bought ten interesting faces. Worth every penny. However, we'll have to wait a few days to finish the dolls. It'll be worth the wait for the right thing.
Shadows on the road.

A Faery Gate.

Today's loot and booty.

Another knitted canvas awaiting a Vision.

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