Monday, February 04, 2013

a little night work

The journal spread for the week. Made a mess of an
experiment with a printed photo, but it looks good
enough for my purposes.
It's been a day of slogging through paperwork and dealing with meetings and then slogging through more paperwork upon our return. As a result, I was eager to get in the studio this evening. The journal spread was played with ~ tempera paints, matte medium, a little photo mess and an eye that sort of appeared in the swirl of colors. I've set a tag up for future inclusion ~ not sure if it'll be in this spread or not. See how things develop over the next few days.

I also got an itch to start a painting. I'm a little interested in some Brave Intuitive Painting as seen here. Looks kind of fun. I'm down for a little fun right now ~ especially after soul-sucking paperwork.
A couple of pieces of things for future addition.

This is not of my doing. A friend found some canvases
dumpster diving an art school so I got a few, but they
have these weird x-ray like images on them. These look
like teeth . . .

now they don't. Ready to rock!

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