Wednesday, January 09, 2013

shivering some timbers

A page in the works with a Wordle cloud.
The practicing of asanas was a creaky affair in which I should have just gone straight for Savasana and stayed there. Such is the nature of yoga practice after the holidays. The important thing is getting back into Downward Dog after the distraction of xmas lights and tree removal. Especially tree removal.

For today's pages, I went to Wordle to make a word cloud using my blog url. I like Wordle. Text can be generated from just about anywhere and, when plugged in, becomes a fun bunch of words for use just about anywhere. I'd love to see more fonts, but it works well enough for what I've got in mind. Now. To remember what that was exactly.
The spread in progress.

The cabled band on Bloody Stupid Johnson is now finished which means I can move on to completing the crown. Infinitely easier than the band. There were plenty of times during the construction of that section I was close to scrapping the whole project and making, I don't know, a scarf. Garter stitch. With big fat needles. Straight, with nary a twist nor turn of any such cables. However, like my asana practice today, I soldiered through and am rather glad I did. There are plenty of mistakes on that twisted, fiber-y road to completion, but I didn't care to rip it or retrace my knitted steps to correct a one of them. Peace lies in the acceptance of certain imperfections. It's still a functional hat despite the missed crossovers.

Bloody Stupid Johnson awaiting a bit of grafting and
then the knitting of the crown.

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Ruth said...

I can relate to a Corpse pose.

Wordle. Wow, that was fun. :-) What do you print it on for your journal pages?

Can't wait to see that hat once it's all done. You've put a lot of time and effort (and probably swearing) into its creation.