Thursday, January 03, 2013

rooster rehab redux

Snowflake in confinement.
I suspect this may have been mentioned in the past: We have too many roosters. As a result, a pair of them may, at one time or another, battle it out like Apollo Creed and Rocky for no apparent reason other than the fact that they can. Inevitably, one of the feathered fellows is sitting in his corner saying, "Cut me!" ~ just so he can see and get back into the ring fighting. Such was the case with Snowflake. (Okay. We thought he was a hen at the time until one fateful day when she crowed. The name adhered ferociously as no others presented themselves. Well. Until now. We're considering Rocky.) Thus begins the long (from our point of view) road to rehabilitation.

Conveniently located right outside my studio space.
For the past few days, a dog crate has been set up so Snowflake can rest, avoid shock and the rigors of being hassled by the stronger roosters. In front of my studio. From this locale, Snowflake generally guards against peace of mind and silent rumination as well as the retaining of trains of thought during business calls. All of which is why I've asked ~ nay, demanded ~ Snowflake be returned to the flock tonight. Reintegration into the flock can only be done at night as it tricks the rest of the flock into thinking he's been there the whole time. A chicken's long term memory lapse works well in our favor. Usually, the roosters are distant, but amicable even after a major skirmish.

In the meantime, I'm trying to spend what little time I can in the studio before leaving the building for a host of onerous task that must be attended to outside the confines of our humble abode.

What little I can get done for now considering
obligations and the cacophony of rooster calls.
All of which is a good sign as Snowflake can now
be returned to the flock.

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Ashling said...

So glad we are rooster-less! Your Lunar Adventures looks like the cover to a wonderful book.