Friday, January 25, 2013

random shots and a play date

Dogs excel at Doing Nothing. Yes, Crystal is on the couch.
Ah, Friday! There are small family plans set for later this evening, but for most of today I can do, well, next to nothing. I love doing Nothing. It's critically under-rated in this society of the Racing Rats and Busy Bees, but sometimes doing Nothing can save your life. Besides, it's not like I'm doing Absolutely Nothing (which would require drool time in front of the TV with nothing but Netflix on), I'm playing with a tiny idea in the studio. I'm wrapping up a journal spread and going through my SoulCollage® cards. (I think Bennie and I could use a Sunday SoulCollage® and Tea Drinking marathon. We've been missing too many of the local SoulCollage® circles.) I'm going through a few of my personal studies again as I've lapsed on so many thanks to the holidays and recent events. It's simply a good day to shift focus. Oh. And actually get outside despite the frigid temps. My feet (shod) need to feel the earth beneath them. Hmm. That's a lot less of Nothing than I thought I'd be doing today. Oh well.
This morning's glorious sunrise!

I do like to knit. This is a swatch of crochet cotton
knitted up and pinned down.

Here we are with clear gesso applied. In essence, I've knit
my own canvas. Now. Time for a tiny image to envision.


Ruth said...

Oooo, I can't wait to see what you do with your wee knitted canvas!

Ashling said...

Yeah, what she said! Keep us posted. Sunrise was glorious this morning....took my breath away.