Tuesday, January 01, 2013

new years day musing

There's a lot of folks out there who are involved in the year-end/year-beginning stuff of releasing and embracing. With all the holiday activity that goes on from the end of November on through to now, I rarely have a moment to myself to do all that navel-gazing and soul searching. Such a moment presented itself to me yesterday when I noted, for the third day in a row, I'd shuffled out The Ancestor of The Wildwood Tarot. In the book I noticed also reference to Elen of the Ways, a deity never heard of before.

This photo found here.
Naturally, an internet search sparks all manner of connections, but the connections occurred for me a little closer to home. Elen, Helen, Eleni ~ one connection in name that has special meaning for me. Then there is a totem painting I'd done years ago as recommended by Aviva Gold's Painting From The Source showing a Horned Goddess figure. I also have a Horned Goddess pendant bought in Provincetown years before that when I spent a long weekend in South Wellfleet with my mother and her friend.

According to Caroline Wise's article, Elen of the Ways is a deity of the land and the balancing of its energies and is the guardian of ley lines, of migratory paths of reindeer and elk. Yet another connection for me as I have a deep love of Nature. There are places near where I live that feel liminal and sacred. For instance, stepping from my property in the North, past fence posts that run East to West, the land feels different under my feet and I am in Sacred Space. The shift is barely perceptible unless one is paying attention, but it is there. Once in that space, I feel a deep connection to the environment ~ a little like falling in love every time. There are few words to describe it. Which may be why Elen of the Ways is sometimes the Green Woman, perhaps wild and intuitive, operating on an understanding that has no words or is beyond them.

So. I get to spend the coming year watching this new relationship unfold ~ more time in Nature, more time in the studio. How great is that?

An image from last night's journal page.

My totem painting from 1998 with the
first collage from The 8 Gates.
Of Gates and Ways.

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Ashling said...

What a blessing to get such clear communication from the Universe. You've been given (and earned) such a gift. Wishing you a continually blessed year head.